Monday, September 13, 2010

More Venice

After deciding to skip San Marco, we just went wandering.  One of the suggested things to do in Venice is just get lost, which is easy to do.  I don't like to get lost, and we had two good maps, so we didn't get lost much.  The maps didn't quite agree on a lot of streets, and I came to the conclusion that they left out streets under six feet wide unless they were a major connection between features on the maps, and we went down streets where approaching people had to turn sideways to pass.

When we got to Florence we though the streets were short and narrow and confusing.  After Venice, Florentine streets seem wide and straight and well laid out.  Here, Pat is sitting on the top step of a bridge that goes to a music hall, apparently.  From the same spot, turning left, I get the next picture.

The theater and the side of the bridge are to the right.  The canal splits and part goes goes right, beside the theater.  Behind us, the canal and the path I'm on turn again.  Ahead, on the left, you can see the path and another bridge.  See the next picture for an enlargement.

You see there is an intersection (left branch not shown), a jog to the right, and then a bridge at another angle.  Follow to the top of the bridge, and

from the top of the bridge you look down into an old square.  Many or most old squares have a disused well in the center.  The wider square in the far wall is one of the streets out of the square, but we took the one to the right,

which leads on to more bridges, streets, and canals.  Some of the streets just dead-end at canals.

That man is rowing a gondola.  I took several pictures of the oar-post or whatever you call it.  It has an intricate shape, with each part for some particular use.

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